The inspiration for the piece came from a weekend I spent with friends at a lake house on Lake Winona, Indiana, in January 2015. The composition evokes the scenery and events of a day spent on the ice of the frozen lake.

The first movement, “Morning,” starts with a low ostinato in the piano, representing the unseen depths of the lake under the ice. Soon, tone clusters are introduced, their striking, almost harsh quality representing the ice of the lake. The saxophone enters with a flurry of notes, evoking the whirling of wind under a cloudy winter sky. The use of the whole-tone scale, a mix of the major and minor mode, and liberal chromaticism lend an aura of mystery to the movement.

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You will receive score and parts as a PDF via email. (Please Note: Movements 2-4 are still being completed, but Movement 1 works well as a stand-alone piece.)