One day, a fox was walking along. He stopped to look into a well, but lost his footing and tumbled in. Try as he might, he could not get out. Soon enough, a goat wandered along. He was parched with thirst, and grew excited when he saw the well. Seeing the fox, he asked “Is the water good?” The fox, seeing an opportunity, went into rhapsodies describing how delicious the water was. Without a second thought, the goat jumped right on in. No sooner was he in the well than the fox told him of the predicament they were now both in. The goat was shocked…and saddened. However, the fox told him not to worry. “If you let me climb up on your back,” he said, “I’ll be able to get out, and then I’ll help you get out afterwards.” The goat willingly went along with the plan. The fox climbed up on his back, jumped out of the well, and took off running! The goat, seeing he was betrayed, furiously berated the fox. As the fox ran away, he yelled over his shoulder: “You foolish old goat! If you had the brains to match your beard, you would never have gone down without knowing you could get back out! Look before you leap.”

This performance is by Anthony McDonnell, Clarinet, Olivia Lattimore, Bassoon, and Daniel Townsend, Piano. Recorded live on May 26, 2019 at the Delaware Art Museum, Liz Bellotti, Recording Engineer.

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