A Real Page-Turner!

So today I was thinking about God’s faithfulness over time, from Israel to the end times (although I suppose He was faithful before that), so I flipped to find Revelation and read about His faithfulness in restoration, and lo and behold, I instead flip right to the page of my concordance which had “faithfulness” on it. Interesting.

When I did get over to Revelation, I read 21:26, which talks about how no one who does what is shameful or deceitful will enter the New Jerusalem, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. I know I do shameful and deceitful things, and although I know Jesus has saved me and made me new, I didn’t feel all that assured about it right then. My Bible had a note about the book of life, referring me to Revelation 3:5, so I went to turn there, and flipped to a verse 3:5, which says, in the NIV, “But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sins. And in him is no sin.” I then realized that this was 1 John 3:5, not Revelation 3:5, but was that ever what I needed to hear – a great scriptural reminder of the fact that Jesus HAS taken away my sin! Hallelujah!

It is great how God sometimes shows you neat things when you flip through your Bible that you are not even looking for but that you need to see. I have no doubt that He was guiding my page-flipping today to show me that page of my concordance with “faithfulness” and then just a little later that flip to 1 John 3:5. It seems like He wanted to give me a playful reminder of His presence with me.

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