2022 Books Review

It's that time of year - W2s and 1098s are filling folks' mailboxes. I figure if employers have until the end of January to square their records for the previous year, it isn't all bad if I am just now getting to my book reviews for 2022. Inspired by my sister Emily, who makes annual … Continue reading 2022 Books Review

Loving Often Looks a Lot Like Listening

I spent the summer of 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, sharing a one-bedroom apartment with four other guys. We were there as interns with Love Thy Neighborhood, a non-profit that is doing some incredible things in that city. One of their key principles for living in community, especially the three-bunk-beds-in-one-small-room sort of community, was this: If … Continue reading Loving Often Looks a Lot Like Listening