2022 Books Review

It's that time of year - W2s and 1098s are filling folks' mailboxes. I figure if employers have until the end of January to square their records for the previous year, it isn't all bad if I am just now getting to my book reviews for 2022. Inspired by my sister Emily, who makes annual … Continue reading 2022 Books Review

Good Folks Club Album “Liner Notes”

Good Folks Club is an album of processing, not an album of clear understanding. Much has been shaken and sifted in my own faith journey over the past three years, and these three songs stem from that. At the same time, there is an arc to the story - from the angst of the title track to the more reflective “You Loved Me Before” to the joyful surrender of “Poor in Spirit,” the listener can trace the trajectory towards a healthier, more rooted-in-Christ place.

Seeking & Expectations

I've been looking for this folder for weeks. When I came to stay with my parents while recovering from surgery, I didn't bring much, and my room is pretty uncluttered. And yet this rather large folder has seemingly vanished. As I took another stab at looking for it again this morning, it occurred to me … Continue reading Seeking & Expectations

On Social Justice, Sparked by John MacArthur

This post began as a YouTube comment on a video from November 2, 2018, which I saw recently when it appeared on my newsfeed (embedded below). It morphed from just a response to this particular video into a more broad look at the concept of "social justice." https://youtu.be/UpYFVVEQHQ0 The conversation around social justice is complex, … Continue reading On Social Justice, Sparked by John MacArthur

Loving Often Looks a Lot Like Listening

I spent the summer of 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, sharing a one-bedroom apartment with four other guys. We were there as interns with Love Thy Neighborhood, a non-profit that is doing some incredible things in that city. One of their key principles for living in community, especially the three-bunk-beds-in-one-small-room sort of community, was this: If … Continue reading Loving Often Looks a Lot Like Listening

All America is Pro-Life Right Now

Our country, and our world, is in an unprecedented state of shutdown. Over 16 million Americans have lost their jobs, and it would not be surprising if that number continued to rise. Our educators are working extremely hard to transition to remote teaching, finding new ways to engage and teach their students. As a society, … Continue reading All America is Pro-Life Right Now

On Broadway with No Script

Imagine going to see a show on Broadway for the first time. You're excited for a new experience, but nothing could prepare you for what's coming next. Upon arriving at the theatre, you find yourself suddenly thrust out onto the stage. Without the foggiest idea of what your character is supposed to do or say, … Continue reading On Broadway with No Script

I Wish the Church Looked More Like the DMV

It was with a good deal of impish glee that I drove myself up to the DMV last week to get my learner’s permit. Of course, my Mom was in the passenger seat, and this would be my third time getting a permit, so there was nothing illegal or truly rebellious about it – I … Continue reading I Wish the Church Looked More Like the DMV

We’re Christians. We DO stuff!

During my four years at Taylor University, I lived on a floor renowned for various shenanigans, known as The Brotherhood, or "Broho" for short. One day, my friend Carson was about to do something a little crazy and collegiate -- to be precise, he was about to hurl himself into a ginormous snowman (which was … Continue reading We’re Christians. We DO stuff!