Good Folks Club Album “Liner Notes”

Good Folks Club is an album of processing, not an album of clear understanding. Much has been shaken and sifted in my own faith journey over the past three years, and these three songs stem from that. At the same time, there is an arc to the story - from the angst of the title track to the more reflective “You Loved Me Before” to the joyful surrender of “Poor in Spirit,” the listener can trace the trajectory towards a healthier, more rooted-in-Christ place.

Seeking & Expectations

I've been looking for this folder for weeks. When I came to stay with my parents while recovering from surgery, I didn't bring much, and my room is pretty uncluttered. And yet this rather large folder has seemingly vanished. As I took another stab at looking for it again this morning, it occurred to me … Continue reading Seeking & Expectations

I Didn’t Give You an “L”

Thursday night I was alternately gabbing and pre-grieving as I got ready to leave my parents' place and head back to Baltimore. I had been in Lancaster county for six weeks due to a set of very peculiar circumstances, which are unsurprisingly common during a pandemic, it seems. I was thankful for this unexpected time … Continue reading I Didn’t Give You an “L”