Good Folks Club Album “Liner Notes”

Good Folks Club is an album of processing, not an album of clear understanding. Much has been shaken and sifted in my own faith journey over the past three years, and these three songs stem from that. At the same time, there is an arc to the story - from the angst of the title track to the more reflective “You Loved Me Before” to the joyful surrender of “Poor in Spirit,” the listener can trace the trajectory towards a healthier, more rooted-in-Christ place.

Step Off the Elevator is Here! Listen Now: Apple Music/iTunes YouTube Music YouTube Spotify Deezer Amazon One of the bright spots resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is the explosion of creative activity it has sparked. Through this bizarre season, my interest in creating music through purely electronic means skyrocketed, going from being in the same vicinity as conducting at the … Continue reading Step Off the Elevator is Here!

Step Off The Elevator: New EP Coming Soon!

I'm happy to announce that a fun little project will soon be ready to release into the wild and woolly world of the internet! I've been taking some time recently to polish up a few electronic music tracks. Stay tuned for the release of Step Off the Elevator in the coming weeks, and for an … Continue reading Step Off The Elevator: New EP Coming Soon!